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OOH that makes you go oooh!

Advertise Out-of-Home with movable displays on the streets of Belgrade. Turn heads, measure impressions, supercharge ROI.

Data-driven ads on wheels

Advertisers get seen

Promote profitably and measurably with movable displays.

  • Accurate foot traffic data
  • Powerful reporting & ROI
  • Hot new marketing channel

Drivers get paid

Make money stuck in traffic, parked or cruising around.

  • Spice up your vehicle with wraps
  • Earn 100-400€/vehicle/month
  • Earn more with suggested routes

How it works


Advertiser creates

Define your message, content creative, and target audience. Now select starting date, fleet size, distance cap, KPI’s and you’re go for launch.

start advertising

Drivers cruise with

Pick your display type and get behind the wheel. Drive or stay parked when and where you want, and streetnode will pay you based on each area’s visibility score.

start driving

People *get* the

Adverts on vehicle displays generate up to 10x more impressions than static billboards*. And our data models let advertisers know how many people saw the ads, when and where.

* Nielsen & OAAA, 2019. Out-of-Home Advertising Study

Our Benefits

Track. Earn. Repeat.

Both advertisers and drivers can adjust routes, performance and earnings with real-time data - on the road, on the fly.

Finally, transparent and performance-driven OOH advertising.

Follow your
ad spend earning

Track real impressions for every part of the route; course-correct on your KPIs in real-time.

Get 💰and ROI

Get 💰 and ROI

Advertise more profitably as a brand. Earn up to 400€/month driving with cool wraps on your car.

Make offline cool again

Make offline cool again

Target, engage and convert real-world customers with performance-driven digital attribution.


Engineered around brands and drivers

Get quality data, competitive CPMs, insane ROI… and a distinctive coolness factor!

Meet outdoor advertising in true performance mode. Access rich audience data, control every aspect of your campaign, and more with live insights.

  • Rich demographics in Belgrade area
  • Live impressions by location
  • Adjust routes and hot spots by foot traffic
  • Track and measure multiple KPIs
  • Data analytics and insights

Make the most of your outdoor marketing budget and adjust performance on the fly. Supercharge your ROI instead of wasting ad spend on static billboards.

  • Rollout your campaign in 14 days, instead of waiting in queue for billboards
  • Reach 7-10x more people for the same CPM
  • Course-correct (literally) on KPI’s in real time
  • Adjust ROI with measurable and targeted outdoor ads

Be among the first to join the OOH data revolution and leverage the hottest new marketing channel in town.

  • Pioneer data-driven OOH in Serbia
  • Be the catchiest brand on the streets
  • Deploy location based stunts
  • For agencies: attract awesome new clients

Make money stuck in traffic, recoup transport costs, buy new vehicles or make your current ones incredibly cool.

Note: at the moment we can only engage corporate vehicles

Make €100-400 a month driving the usual routes, parked, or stuck in traffic. Recoup gasoline, insurance and maintenance expenses - with cool wraps and without any extra work.

  • Wrap coverage level
  • Time driving
  • Area visibility score
  • Type of vehicle (CityCar, Van)
  • Vehicle age and condition

Go beyond advertising with all driving-related insights in a single app. Follow your drivers, make better decisions with analytics, and improve overall logistics.

  • Time spent driving or parked
  • Downtime for each vehicle
  • Daily, weekly, monthly mileage
  • Total and real-time earnings

Earn even more by taking advertisers hints. Take suggested routes, reach checkpoints, go on special missions, whenever you want or have the time. Sky’s the limit!

  • Discover opportunities in app notifications
  • Take suggested routes for higher payouts
  • Reach POI checkpoints
  • Participate in unique street marketing stunts

Make money driving

Big Belgrade data

The Secret Sauce, Birch!

We have spent three years learning about Belgrader’s habits on the streets: who they are, what they like, where they walk or drive, and when.

Neatly structured in dozens of clusters, this data lets you identify the audience in close proximity of your message and count impressions in real time. Our clusters combine live data, demographics, foot and vehicle traffic, historical statistical data, public camera feeds (pedestrians and vehicles counting), and many others.

So if you’re advertising baggy streetwear, we’re confident your wraps will get All-Eyez-on-Me at 2pm in front of the high school and match you with cars that drive there every day around that time. 

City network

Meet Belgrade’s most accurate dynamic map yet.

  • Proprietary Snap-to-Road (GPS data tied to exact routes
  • Map nodes & edges for every street
  • Geometry: roads, lanes, intersections, buildings, parks, pedestrian areas
  • Point of Interest (POI) and city Hot Spots
  • Position & duration of traffic lights
  • Precise distance calculations
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Live traffic

Get real-time and statistical data on foot and vehicle traffic.

  • Live weather reports
  • Parking Service data (by streets, Garage occupancy)
  • TomTom live and historic traffic data
  • Roadway sensors historical data
  • Surveillance/Public camera feeds (image recognition)


  • Census demographics
  • Demographics by administrative area
  • Demographics down to the building level
  • POI opening hours
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Real impressions

Know exactly how many Belgrader’s can see your wraps.

  • Real-time foot traffic by street
  • Live vehicle count (15-min interval)
  • Weather impact on foot traffic
  • Demographics by point of interest (Schools, Museums, Hospitals, Shopping malls, ...)
  • Demographics breakdown for each route
  • Digital attribution via predictive AI


  • Campaign rollout in 14 days or less
  • Low CPMs (cost per 1000 impressions)
  • Full performance visibility
  • Fully targeted Out-Of-Home advertising
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World-class smart system

Big data becomes even bigger performance, thanks to next-gen deep learning algorithms and digital attribution methodologies.

Dashboard shows you visibility scores, occurred routes, impressions, audience insights and much more.

Deep learning algorithms turn unmatched datasets into unprecedented performance. From vehicle matching to post-campaign reporting, we’ve got you covered.

Now you know where you Belgraders are, how to get their attention - and most importantly, how to max out ROI doing that.

Smart matching

Pattern recognition matches drivers and routes with your campaign’s exact objectives for max impressions.

  • Vehicles recommended to match your KPIs
  • Routes matched to your target demographics
  • Routes efficiency estimates and recommendations
  • Maximum impressions and campaign visibility
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Improve performance in realtime and over time with fine-grained metrics.

  • Target precise demographics and locations
  • Maximize visibility by time, location and weather
  • Point vehicles to your geo-fences
  • Advertise offline in performance mode with digital attribution
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Data & Reports

See your data come tolife and adjust your KPI’s

  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Mileage by administrative area, nodes and edges
  • Distance traveled, average speed, routes duration.
  • Points of interest and peak time overview
  • Heat maps
  • Beautiful visualization of gathered data
  • Big data analysis
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Data sources and partners

Join the Belgrade Out-of-Home revolution

ROI is a moving target. So why settle for static billboards? Advertise measurably and profitably with car wraps and LED displays powered by data science.

Get started
Made by PandaBirch with ❤️ in Belgrade.